Part of what makes High Country such a special stable such a great place to learn to ride.  Meet our Star School Horses!


Jungle is the oldest lesson horse, at age 24 he still LOVES to jump, and is by far the bounciest horse in the barn!  Jungle is the best at teaching to keep your heels down, but his smooth canter makes up for it!



Scout is an all-around star at High Country.  He jumps 3'6" with advanced riders and gives new students first lessons too!  Scout loves to trot, but he can be tricky to steer!  He is a challenge for every skill level.



Etsy's favorite part about lessons is getting hugs after her ride.  Etsy is very gentle and has the smoothest trot and is great at giving students their first time cantering.  She is definitely the calmest horse you can find.



Bree is the newest edition to the High Country Stables lesson program, and she is an ANGEL.  Bree spent her life as a Western Pleasure Show horse, but she is quickly warming up to her new career in jumping!


Ember is a very sensitive horse and is good at teaching riders to have excellent body control.  Advanced riders enjoy her willingness to practice lateral movement, and her HUGE jump!



Twinkie is the youngest horse in the lesson program, and boy is she a fast learner!  Advanced riders love teaching Twinkie to use her superb jumping style, and she is already a pro at lunge line lessons.